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Step right into Enigma, your ultimate ally in effortlessly unravelling the complexities of securing your Japan visa from Dubai, UAE. With a wealth of expertise as veterans in the field of visa assistance, we’re not just simplifying the process – we’re turning it into a walk in the park for you. Allow us to personally escort you through the pivotal steps and indispensable document prerequisites, culminating in an experience that’s as smooth as silk. Your journey starts here, with The Enigma – your hassle-free pass to a seamless visa application adventure!



Steps to Apply your visa to Japan from Dubai, UAE:

Embarking on a journey to Japan involves meticulous planning, and securing the right visa is pivotal. Enigma is here to make this journey smoother for you. Our step-by-step assistance includes:

Personalized Consultation: Our experts will have an in-depth discussion with you to understand your travel purpose, duration, and any special requirements.

Document Checklist: We provide a comprehensive checklist of documents required for your specific travel purpose, ensuring you have everything in order.

Application Form Completion: Filling out visa application forms can be confusing. Relax, as we assist you in accurately completing the necessary forms.

Tailored Advice: Depending on your travel purpose, we provide tailored advice on additional documents that might be required, such as business invitations or family-related documents.

Review and Verification: Before submission, our team meticulously reviews all your documents to ensure they meet the embassy’s standards.

Submission Assistance: We guide you through the submission process, ensuring all documents are correctly organized and presented.

Updates and Follow-ups: Our commitment doesn’t end with submission. We keep you informed about the progress of your application and undertake follow-ups with the authorities.

Documents required

As per the official guidelines outlined by the Consulate General of Japan in Dubai, UAE residents are required to furnish the following documents:


– A clear copy of your passport

– A recent passport photo, taken within the last six months

– A copy of your Emirates ID (both front and back)

– A detailed travel itinerary, including flight information

– A comprehensive schedule of your stay, specifying entry and departure dates

– Detailed information about your accommodation arrangements

– A certificate of employment from the applicant’s workplace

– A bank statement covering a minimum of three months


It’s imperative to adhere to the specified document requirements strictly. Any additional documents beyond the stipulated ones should not be submitted. It’s essential to note that failure to provide any necessary documents will result in the termination of your application, requiring you to initiate the application process anew. Your cooperation in meeting these document requisites ensures a seamless and successful application experience.

Frequently asked Questions

Yes, UAE passport holders does not require a visa to enter Japan for tourism purposes.

Processing times vary, but it generally takes around 2-3 weeks. Applying in advance is recommended.

Yes, currently the process of applying for Japan visa is online.

Personal Interview is not required 

 Yes, multiple-entry visas are available for certain purposes like business and cultural activities. However, the issuance of multiple-entry visas is subject to the discretion of the embassy and might require additional documentation to justify the need for multiple entries.

 If you’re attending a conference, seminar, or similar event, you’ll need to provide an official invitation letter from the event organizers. This letter should outline the event details, your participation, and any sponsorship, if applicable.

 There’s no specific age limit for applying for a Japan visa. Travellers of all age groups can apply, but minors (below 18) need to have additional documents, such as a no-objection letter from parents/legal guardians and copies of their parent’s passports.

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