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Discover the land of opportunity: Your entry to the USA- US visa for UAE residents

Get US visa from UAE as easily as possible 

Our US visa assistance service is designed to help individuals navigate the process of obtaining a visa to enter the United States. Our services can include a range of activities such as helping individuals gather the necessary documentation and completing the application process. Etc. As a leading visa service provider in UAE, we will be there at every step of the way.

Who from Dubai is qualified for a US visa?

All UAE nationals and residents can apply for a US visa from Dubai and Abudhabi.

Steps to apply your visa to the USA from Dubai, UAE:

1. Select the type of visa you need.
2. Our team will fill the online application and upload the required documents.
3. The payment of visa application will be done through secure payment gateway.
4. We will get you an appointment for a US visa interview in Dubai or Abudhabi.
5. Once processed, you’ll receive the visa.

Documents required

The following documents need to  be carried with you on the interview date 


– Application form confirmation (DS 160 ) 

– Appointment confirmation 

– NOC from the company/ residence visa sponsor 

– Original  passport, with residence visa copy and eid copy 

– Bank statement for the past 6 months 

– Invitation letter ( If You are  invited by company or family and friends)

Interview for Visa

All applicants between the ages of 14 and 79 must attend a visa interview. For Dubai residents applying for a US visa, the interview is crucial.


  • 1. Make sure to arrive at the interview promptly. Your appointment will be canceled if you are late. You will get your biometrics taken the same day before the interview. 
  • 2. The consular employees will enter and look through your application materials as you wait for your appointment.
  • 3. The interviewer will question you about your vacation during this appointment. Make sure you correctly respond to each question. Your responses must match the details in your documentation.

Don’t miss out on our comprehensive visa assistance services.-CTA 

Frequently asked Questions

Yes, you must provide a written document outlining your visit’s objectives 

After the interview and approval of the visa application, processing the visa will take around 3-5  working days.

No, the visa application money is never refundable, even if your visa request is denied.

We are eager to send you on a vacation shortly!
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We are eager to send you on a vacation shortly!