Spain Visa

Savor the Spanish Splendor: Your ticket to vibrant Spain- Spain visa for UAE residents

Skip the stress of getting a Spain visa from UAE

Are you tired of the complicated Spanish visa process from UAE.? The good news is our visa service from UAE takes out your stress and handles everything. So, you have a tension-free visa processing time!

Documents required

  • 1. Copy of passport valid for six months
  • 2. A UAE residence visa valid for 3 months after the departure date from the schengen area. 
  • 3. A bank statement for the last 3  months 
  • 4. 1 photo with a white background
  • 5. NOC letter from your employer

Steps to apply your visa from Dubai, UAE:

1. We will gather all the required documents and information required and fill up the forms.
2. Once confirmed, the applicant must present the application at the visa application center on the appointment date.
3. The typical processing time for a visa is approximately 2 weeks. You will receive a notification in your registered email once the process gets completed.

Who doesn’t need a visa to travel to Spain?

There are different Spanish visas available based on your purpose of travel. Find the details below.

Tourist visa:

If you intend to travel to Spain for leisure, sightseeing, a vacation, or to see family or friends, you must apply for a Spain Tourist visa. 

Business visa:

You should apply for a Spain business visa if you need to travel to Spain to attend business-related events.

Student Visa:

You must apply for a Spain student visa if you wish to enroll in the course of study that will last longer than three months.

EEA/EU Dependent Visa:

You should apply for this visa if you are a dependent (spouse or kid under 18) of an EU, EEA, or Swiss citizen.

Spain diplomatic visa:

You are eligible to apply for this visa if you have a diplomatic passport issued by your nation.

Medical Visa:

For those who want to get medical care in Spain, a medical visa is required.

Work Permit Visa:

Anyone who meets the requirements and wants to work in Spain must apply for this visa.

Au Pair Visa for Spain:

If you are working for a family in Spain, you may be eligible to apply for this visa.

Frequently asked Questions

Yes, you must provide a written document outlining the purpose of the visit. 

  • Copy of trade license 
  • Bank statement of the sponsor 
  • Sponsorship letter from the sponsor 

Once accepted, visa applications must be processed within 10-15 working days; sometimes, it takes longer.

No, the visa application fee is non-refundable in all cases.

For a Spain tourist visa from Dubai, the passport and residence visa should be valid for at least six months from the date of travel.

Our travel specialists will give detailed instructions on how to apply for a visa and help organize all required paperwork, including the visa forms. Our staff can also help with trip planning, hotel reservations, flight ticket purchases, and travel insurance at an additional expense. The visa will be applied by the applicant in person.

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