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In either case, this article will provide you with all the knowledge necessary to start your UK Visa application from Dubai.

Our UK visa services in Dubai, UAE, have simplified the process of obtaining a UK visa. Here is your comprehensive guide on securing a UK visa from Dubai. Getting a UK visa has never been easier

Steps to apply your visa from Dubai, UAE:

1. We will help you doing the paperwork for the visa.
2. We will fill the application form and we would require the following from you to make the process.

-Carefully completed and signed UK visa application (confirm that it is error-free).
-Valid passport of the applicant, which must include two blank pages or more and should be valid for six months.
-Recently took two passport-size photos with a white background.
-Letter of authorization (NOC) from the business or employer detailing the applicant’s title, pay, joining date, etc. (Should not be 1-month-old during submission day).
-The bank’s most recent six-month financial statement shows that you have the necessary balance to cover your travel to the UK. (Should not be older than one week on the day of submission.).
-Invitation letter from a UK-based business, family, or friend.
-Hotel voucher and round-trip airline tickets.

Documents required

Please ensure you have the following documents before applying for a UK visa from Dubai.


  • 1. The original passport should be valid for at least six months, have at least three blank pages, and include any previous passports you may have
  • 2. Online UK Visa Application form
  • 3. Appointment letter confirmation;
  • 4. UK Visa Fee Payment Receipt
  • 6. 2 recent color photographs
  • 7. An individual’s personal cover letter (for employed applicants – plain paper, for self-employed applicants – letterhead)
  • 8. Original updated Bank Statement with sufficient bank balance (last 6 months);
  • 9. Income Tax Returns / Form 16 for last 3 years
  • 10. Documents supporting the application such as Fixed Deposits, Property Investments, Recurring Deposits, and other investments (optional but advisable).

Who Doesn’t Require a UK Visa?

If you meet any of the following criteria, a UK Visa is not required:


  • 1. People from the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA), or Switzerland.
  • 2. An electronic visa waiver can be obtained by citizens of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, Oman, or Kuwait for 30 pounds.
  • 3. Government officials and diplomats visiting the UK on official business

Types of UK Visas

Applicants for UK visas have a variety of reasons for doing so. As a result, the United Kingdom has an organized visa system based on the purpose of visitors under multiple visa types. Here they are !!

UK Transit Visa:

A UK Transit Visa permits a foreigner to transit through the international transit sections of UK airports. This visa has two types: the Visitor in Transit visa and the UK Direct Airside Transit Visa (DATV).


Validity:24 hours – 48 hours 

UK Permitted Paid Engagement Visa:

This kind of visa is available to foreign citizens who have been invited by a UK-based organization or client due to their expertise in a particular subject. People who want to go independently to the UK to work for pay must apply for a UK Permitted Paid Engagement Visa.


Validity: Up to a month

UK Study visa:

If a non-British person wants to study in the UK, they can apply for a UK Study Visa. Both kids and adults who want to study for a short or long time at a UK school or institution can apply for this student visa for the UK. 


With this visa, students can do research as part of their course requirements.


Validity :

UK student child visa:

Students under 18 who wish to attend a UK school or other educational facility must submit an application for a UK Study Visa.

 A child can apply for this visa if they are between the ages of 4 and 17. These visa holders may also work full- or part-time under certain circumstances. A UK child student visa’s duration may be increased.


Validity: Three years (for students aged 16/17 years)


  • Six years (for students below 16 years of age)

UK Short-term study visa:

Individuals who wish to travel to the United Kingdom for short-term study courses, such as language or training courses, may apply for this visa.


 Research can be done by anyone with a UK short-term study visa while they are enrolled in classes. You must be older than 16 to apply for this visa. 


This kind of UK visa normally has a six-month validity period. On the other hand, if you are taking an English language course, it can be provided for 11 months.


Validity: Six months – 11 months 

UK General student visa:

Foreign people may apply for a UK General Student Visa if they want to do a long-term course in graduate or postgraduate study at a UK college or university.


 To be eligible to apply for this visa, candidates must be at least 16 years old and proficient in writing, reading, speaking, and understanding English. 


This Tier 4 visa may also be extended if the student’s program is anticipated to last longer than six months.


Validity :Six months (validity extendable) 

UK work visa:

A non-British national may enter the UK with this sort of visa in order to work for an organization. Applicants must have a minimum of 945 pounds in their bank accounts for up to 90 days prior to applying for this visa. 



To obtain a UK Work Visa, Indian applicants must also pay a healthcare cost. Dependent family members of a worker may apply for this kind of visa so long as each one has at least 630 pounds in their possession at the time of application. 



  • 1. Five years (Ancestry Visa)
  • 2. Up to six months (Domestic Workers in a Private Household Visa)
  • 3. Three years (Representative of an Overseas Business Visa)

The following are the several categories of UK work visas:

UK Short-term Work Visa:

UK Short-term Work Visa: This kind of visa enables someone to work in the UK for a brief period of time. 


It falls under the following categories and is a Tier 5 UK visa for temporary workers: Visas for the Youth Mobility Scheme, Seasonal Workers, Creative and Sports Workers, Religious Workers, International Agreement Workers, Charity Workers, and Government Authorized Exchange Visas.

UK long-term work visa:

A long-term work visa is permitted to remain in the UK for an extended period of time. For foreign nationals who want to work in the UK, the country offers a Tier 2 visa.


 This category of visas includes general work visas, intra-company transfers, sports person visas, and visas for ministers of religion.


Validity: One year (Graduate Trainee)


    • 1. Up to five years (General Work Visa)
    • 2. Up to three years (Sports person Visa and Minister of Religion Visa)
    • 3. Five and nine years (Long-term staff)

UK Investor, Business Development, and Talent Visa:

One can apply for this kind of visa if one intends to run, start, or invest in a business in the UK. This category of visa includes Investor Visitor, Exceptional Talent, Innovator, and Start-up visas.


Validity  :

Five years (Start-up Visa)


  • 1. Three years (Innovator Visa)
  • 2. Up to three years (Investor Visa)
  • 3. Up to five years (Exceptional Talent Visa)

The Representative of an Overseas Business Visa, Exempt Vignette, Ancestry Visa, and Domestic Workers in a Private Household Visa are further categories of work visas.

UK Standard Visitor Visa:

Applicants for this type of visit visa should be traveling on holiday, for business, for medical treatment, or to attend cultural or sporting events.


Validity: Up to six months 


  • 1. year (academicians)
  • 2. 11 months (medical treatment)
  • 3. Two, five, or ten years (Long-term Standard Visitor Visa)

UK Family Visa:

Non-British nationals who wish to live in the UK with a family member who settled in the UK over six months should apply for this type of visa. 


Members of the family might be a spouse, a partner, parents, a kid, a fiancé or fiancée, or a relative who needs long-term care.

 When you apply for this UK visa, you will need to pay a health surcharge.  




  • 1. Unlimited (Adult Dependent Relative 
  • 2. Six months (Partner/Spouse)
  • 3. 2.5 years (Parents, Fiancé/Fiancée)

UK marriage visitor visa:

People who want to get married or register a civil partnership in the UK should apply for a UK marriage visitor visa. 


A person may also apply for this visa if they intend to give marriage or civil partnership notice. 


After getting married or entering a civil partnership, the holders of this UK visa are not allowed to stay there permanently.


Validity: Up to six months 

Frequently asked Questions

You can visit the UK for tourism, business, study, or medical treatment with an EVW for up to 6 months.EVWs cost £30 for UAE, Oman, Qatar, and Kuwait nationals.
Once you receive a scholarship from any organization, you won’t need to provide additional documentation of your qualifications because these organizations will have already provided you with written confirmation of your financial support for living expenses, tuition, and other expenses, which you can submit in place of a bank statement when applying for a visa.
To visit you in the UK, your friend or relative can apply for a visitor visa. Most visitor visas last for up to six months.
A job offer from a recognized UK business is required before you can submit an application for a skilled worker visa. Sponsors are another name for approved employers because they are paying for your travel or accommodation while you are in the UK.
COVID-19 and the Ukraine War have recently had an impact on processing timeframes. For instance, partner visa applications from outside the UK are currently taking up to 24 weeks to process from biometric enrolment at a visa application center, although they typically take 12 weeks to process.
You will have to wait between one working day (with the UKVI’s Super Priority Service) and eight weeks (with the Standard Service) for the Home Office caseworker to decide on your application once you attend your biometric appointment and have your biometrics taken.
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